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Get fit, have fun and build team spirit at the same time!

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Keep your employees fit, healthy and flexible in body and mind

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Healthy Cooking

Inspire your teams by creating deliciously tasty treads that are not only healthy, but super easy to whip up and enjoy anytime.

Fitness Activities

Get foot loose and fancy free with these great team building activities and games suitable for everyone at your school or office.


Take the stress out of the workplace and enjoy the benefits as your employees become happier and more positive about your organisation.

Wellness Packages

Enjoy a great range of workplace wellness programs and workshops designed to keep your workplace happy, healthy and productive.

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Now you can keep your employees happy, healthy and engaged by creating an effective corporate wellness program with Fit&Delicious.

Yes, there is a better way to wellness, and Fit&Delicious have found the perfect mix to make it fun for everyone in the workplace. Whether it’s one of our feel-good fitness programs or creating deliciously tasty treats, we are sure to find the right fit for your employees and your program.

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What our delighted clients say...

I was amazed at the results I was able to achieve in the 7 weeks of hard work. Irina’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped push me through and I never felt fitter or stronger in my life than when training with Irina. Thanks Irina!

Claire Bennett

Zumba with you is so much fun. You bring such verve to your classes and teach us so well we are challenged and yet everyone can participate. How do you do that! I am so greatful you are a dancer bacause you drive us the confidence to use dance steps we can use outside class. X

Fiona Marsh