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Yes, there is a better way to wellness, and Fit&Delicious have found the perfect mix to make it fun for everyone in the workplace. We love helping and encouraging your workers to improve their health and fitness levels, increase their energy and productivity, and lower their healthcare spending. Whether it’s one of our feel-good fitness programs or creating deliciously tasty treats, we are sure to find the right fit for your employees and your program.

About Irina Santaiguina

Irina SantiaguinaI have always been passionate about the beauty of dance, exercise and movement when I worked previously as a Latin dance performer in what seems to be a previous life. I then went onto completing my Fitness Certificates III and IV and launched myself into 15 classes of Zumba per week plus training personal clients. I was moving so fast and was so excited about my new business venture that I didn’t pay attention to my nutrition at all! Then one day I collapsed from exhaustion and was rushed to hospital. It became evident from the doctors questioning that I had severely neglected my food intake and essential nutrients to support the necessary level of stamina and good health to keep my going throughout the day.

So I decided to do something about it and learnt all I could about food and nutrition. I discovered the amazing properties of raw food and super foods, and when combined with exercise can be truly transformation for anyone looking to lead a happier and healthy lifestyle.

I really wanted to share my knowledge in a fun and exciting way that broke the mould of traditional exercise regimes – which is how Fit&Delicious came to life. I haven’t looked backed since!

My approach is very unique so let me explain… Most people have started many health programs but struggle with getting long-term success that sticks. They’ve tried many programs, diets, bootcamps, personal trainers, etc. but nothing has lasted. I bet even you have had some short term success but end up bored, confused or frustrated with a lack of results. You stop and end up back where you started thinking: “how did I get here again”? But don’t worry, there’s good news because you are not alone and this is my specialty.

The satisfaction I get when I show people a world of amazing super foods to support a healthier and more active lifestyle provides me with a real sense of accomplishment. And people are so astonished how quick and easy it can be. My all time favourite healthy treat is an almond and chocolate milk shake. Or for an energy punch that is super hydrating I mix rose water, yoghurt and chia seed to make a refreshing drink. It takes me literally three minutes to make and leaves me filled and energised for the entire afternoon.

I have worked with many corporate and school groups over the years because they continually rate my workshops as being fun, interactive and highly educational. Plus I focus on the long term success with their health goals in mind. Furthermore, I love bringing a sense of team work and comradeship to the workplace can provide a healthier work environment. I jump for joy when I hear that a workplace has invested in a powerful blender to make yummy, healthy shakes or they have started a walking groups amongst themselves. Its so rewarding to know that I have helped improve lifestyle habits that can lead to optimal health after my work has finished.

When I am not working, I volunteer with the Yoga Project, which specialises in providing yoga for refugees. Its aim is to provide them with a space where they can learn relaxation techniques and gives them time to wind down from stress and some of the painful and traumatic experiences they’ve to endure when they left their home and land to come to Australia.

My qualifications include:

  • Fitness Certificate III & IV
  • Zumba Fitness instructor
  • Aqua aerobic instructor
  • Yoga instructor with 300 Hours Somachi training
  • Diploma in Early Childhood development

Start your new life today

Getting from where you are to where you want to go is a process. There will be struggles and there will be road blocks. I’m here to give you the tools to have the motivation and mental toughness to push through. I focus on habits so you can build a life skill that will never be lost. Plus you’ll have a lot of fun at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and discover the difference with Fit&Delicious!