My New Years Resolution to do a Head Stand

Posted in: Fitness Activities

Headstand IrinaThe holiday feeling is coming to an end for lots of us and the time to start working on our New Years resolutions has began.

Whatever it is you are envisioning, whether running a marathon, learn to dance, become flexible, do hand stands etc, give it your best shot, start from the very first step that is the most important step, be patient, persistent, disciplined and joyful, honour and be grateful for your progress, no matter how small.

At the beginning of last year I could not lift my butt off the floor to safe my life, jet I wanted to do handstands, so much so I started at 44 years old. I still got a long way to go but I am definitely very far from the start.

Good luck! Let’s see how far you will look back at the end of 2016 !

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