Fitness Activities

Get footloose and fancy-free with these great team building activities and games suitable for everyone at your school or office. Now you can boost your staff’s productivity and morale with corporate fitness training that will change the way you work. Fit&Delicious has both personal corporate fitness training experts that have vast experience in helping people of all fitness levels safely improve their wellness and health. We offer group training, individual personal training, and corporate fitness training programs. It’s the perfect solution for any organisation serious about looking after their staff!

Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious, corporate fitness training, fitness training
Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious, group fitness


Zumba is an amazing corporate fitness training experience that transforms traditional dance steps into fun and work-out activities. It’s a great way for your work team to have fun while burning calories, toning your arms, and sculpting muscles. Plus it provides a tonne of health benefits which include weight loss, improved cardiovascular health and mental health, and it’s a great mood-booster too. Since it is based on dance and music, you’re moving on your own to the beat of the music, and it’s a fun workout that everyone can do at their own intensity level!

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Hula Hooping

Using a Hula-Hoop is not just kids' play any longer! At Fit&Delicous we have lots of fun with adults who are enjoying the intense cardiovascular workout program that puts the hoop to good use. The basic act of twirling the Hula-Hoop with your body can do wonders for your abdominal muscles. Plus hooping can even be used as a meditative tool. Just as the Hula-Hoop can work the muscles in your abs, it can help increase mental discipline as well.

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Fun & Fitness

Fun and fitness activities that engage people in becoming happier, healthier, and more energetic are gaining popularity and changing lives in the workplace. Fit&Delicous can tailor a fitness program for your team to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviours in a supportive and fun environment where team camaraderie will help everyone adopt or maintain a healthy way of living. The net result is an engaged and productive workforce that performs at a higher level – and everybody wins!

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Team Building

Did you know that successful organisations understand that their employee wellbeing is an essential component to their company’s success? That’s why Fit&Delicous provides corporate fitness training to help turn groups of individual workers into cohesive teams more focused on tackling the challenges as a team. The added benefits include increased employee productivity, reduced absenteeism and staff turnover together with a strong sense of camaraderie. Fit&Delicous can tailor a fitness program that fits within your organisation’s culture and structure. Customised programs can include group exercise sessions and team building activities or any of one of our other services include healthy cooking, relaxation and wellness packages.

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Boot Camp with a Twist

Fit&Delicous corporate boot camps are specific fitness classes designed for businesses and organisations which are looking to improve their staff performance, communication skills and overall health and wellbeing. Our corporate fitness training boot camps contain a mixture of different styles of fitness training which include bodyweight exercises, weight training exercises, circuit classes and team challenges. But they also come with a twist! In addition to getting a great workout, your team could learn to cook great healthy food, enjoy Zumba or hula-hooping, or unwind with one of our relaxation programs. We guarantee that you will go back to work feeling fully invigorated and energised!

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Our delighted clients...

I was amazed at the results I was able to achieve in the 7 weeks of hard work. Irina’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped push me through and I never felt fitter or stronger in my life than when training with Irina. Thanks Irina!

Claire Bennett

Zumba with you is so much fun. You bring such verve to your classes and teach us so well we are challenged and yet everyone can participate. How do you do that! I am so greatful you are a dancer bacause you drive us the confidence to use dance steps we can use outside class. X

Fiona Marsh

I would just like to say again that the facilitator was fantastic. She was bright, friendly, pleasant and patient. Her words, outlook and encouragement were amazing. We were all very relaxed, soothed and happy afterwards! Thank you! 🙂

Mick Hart