Healthy Cooking

Eating healthy food and implementing healthy cooking doesn’t mean giving up your favourite foods, and it doesn’t mean that you have to become a gourmet chef or invest in expensive cookware. Fit&Delicious’s nutrition services can help inspire your team by creating deliciously tasty treats that are not only healthy, but super easy to whip up and enjoy anytime.

Whether it be a yummy treat or a scrumptious salad, we offer healthy cooking via on-site nutrition services that will help you to discover the joy of eating food that not only tantalizes the taste buds, but is good for you too!

Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious,healthy cooking via on-site nutrition services
Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious, workplace wellbeing

Tasty Treats

If you’re after a healthy alternative to the usual afternoon sugar hit or fatty snacks, then Fit&Delicious can help satisfy your hunger without the extra calories. Our healthy treats are guaranteed to improve your overall health, curb your hunger cravings, fight weight gain, regulate your mood and boost brain power to give you the energy you need to keep going all day.

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Yummy Salads

Salads can be super healthy and satisfying meals all by themselves or the perfect accompaniments to main dishes. Whatever sort of salad you're after, Fit&Delicious has a range of salad recipes guaranteed to please. Not only that, salads are cool, crunchy, and fun to eat with lots of textures, colours, and yummy flavours. Even kids can enjoy salads! We’ll even help you customise them to include your favourite fruits and vegetables, and whichever ones you have on hand.

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Delicious Meals

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in shape or just live a healthier life, eating healthy meals everyday has so many benefits and will reduce the risk of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. No matter what motivates you, we can help you sneak a few more nutrient-packed foods into your diet with our delicious recipes rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, whole grains and unsaturated fats that are super easy to make too!

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious,healthy cooking via on-site nutrition services

Nutrition Advice

The work expectations of modern life make weight control and exercise exceptionally challenging when you spend most of your working life in an office environment. So if you want to learn how to eat right and have a healthy, balanced diet, then do yourself a favour and get in touch with Fit&Delicious nutrition expert, Irina Santiaguina.

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Healthy Snacks

Many people avoid snacks because they’re scared that they're linked to weight gain. However, a healthy snack can offer so many health benefits and can even be included in a weight loss plan. Fit&Delicious have delicious snack recipes that have the best mix of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats - perfect for eating between meals to keep energy levels steady throughout the day.

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Our delighted clients...

I was amazed at the results I was able to achieve in the 7 weeks of hard work. Irina’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped push me through and I never felt fitter or stronger in my life than when training with Irina. Thanks Irina!

Claire Bennett

Zumba with you is so much fun. You bring such verve to your classes and teach us so well we are challenged and yet everyone can participate. How do you do that! I am so greatful you are a dancer bacause you drive us the confidence to use dance steps we can use outside class. X

Fiona Marsh

I would just like to say again that the facilitator was fantastic. She was bright, friendly, pleasant and patient. Her words, outlook and encouragement were amazing. We were all very relaxed, soothed and happy afterwards! Thank you! 🙂

Mick Hart