Take the stress out of the workplace and enjoy the benefits as your employees become happier and more positive about your organisation with a Fit&Delicious corporate health and wellness program.

By providing workers with Fit&Delicious corporate relaxation classes, companies are reaping the benefits and reporting an increase in wellbeing and job satisfaction, as well as raising retention rates. Plus, a corporate health and wellness program is a great way for employees to reduce stress, calm the mind and increase productivity in the workplace through greater focus and awareness. Your staff will make better decisions when effective stress management strategies such as yoga, massage, and stretching programs are implemented on a regular basis.

Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious, corporate health and wellness program
Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious


Yoga is not just about working out, it’s about a healthy lifestyle – and it can change your physical and mental capacity quickly, while preparing the mind and body for long-term health. The practice of yoga also allows employees to be still and help foster an inner shift from endless to-do lists and common workplace struggles to help relieve stress and unclutter the mind. You’ll be amazed at just how focused you’ll become at work! The best part is Fit&Delicious can come to you. We can visit your workplace for a one-off experience or a regular weekly class. We can teach before work, at lunch times, after work, or for that mid afternoon 'pick me up'.

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious


Energise, reward and inspire your workplace team with a wonderfully relaxing corporate massage. The benefits speak for themselves as you’ll be increasing productivity and motivation, reducing stress, muscle pain and tension, boosting office morale while giving your staff a nice reward – all without anyone having to leave the office. Fit&Delicious massages can be performed at the workstation, or longer sessions between 10 and 30 minutes in our relaxing massage chair. Or your staff and lay down on our comfy massage table to enjoy a soothing massage for sessions longer than 30 minutes.

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Corporate Wellness, Team Fitness, Fit&Delicious

Stretch & Release

Our stretch and release classes focus on simple and restorative yoga poses and breathing exercises in order the help relieve aches and pains, build strength and increase flexibility, with the overall aim to help reduce stress and cultivate an overall sense of calm and wellbeing in the workplace. Stretching also provides a whole host of other health benefits which include decreasing inflammation in the body, elevating mood and improving overall sleep quality. All of our corporate clients regularly report feeling more relaxed, happier, healthier and pain free. Suitable for all levels, there is no need to be flexible, fit or experienced to take part in our classes, which can be fully tailored to your workplace requirements. The restorative yoga stretches can also be used while you are sitting at your desk to help break up the day and relive stress.

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Our delighted clients...

I was amazed at the results I was able to achieve in the 7 weeks of hard work. Irina’s enthusiasm and encouragement helped push me through and I never felt fitter or stronger in my life than when training with Irina. Thanks Irina!

Claire Bennett

Zumba with you is so much fun. You bring such verve to your classes and teach us so well we are challenged and yet everyone can participate. How do you do that! I am so greatful you are a dancer bacause you drive us the confidence to use dance steps we can use outside class. X

Fiona Marsh

I would just like to say again that the facilitator was fantastic. She was bright, friendly, pleasant and patient. Her words, outlook and encouragement were amazing. We were all very relaxed, soothed and happy afterwards! Thank you! 🙂

Mick Hart